This Patchke Princess in the City…threw one Shingdig of a Party! (phew)


it’s been a week…JITC Chanukah Video Launch Party.
with the killings in Newton, CT
it was not important in the scheme of things…to talk about the day or even days…after.
But now
direct NY Times quote…
“threw one Shingdig of a party”
can I just stop for a second
take it all in
and say…
I made some kinda deal with G-d.
I might have to sacrifice my next born…or something like that
but….I did it.
WE did it.
I was the puppet master…keeping all the strings moving and in place
to get the job done.
And my puppeteers…
well they were simply….the BEST in the business.
SO no one knew…
the behind the scenes madness.
me stuck in the lincoln tunnel
promising all sorts of things
Are you there G-d…. it’s me the Patchke Princess? (a long LOUD, lots of hand waving…conversation took place in that tunnel)
only 1 hr to prep a very ugly school gym
that still had the lingering karate kids…wondering what the heck were the 2 crazy ladies doing with paper chandeliers?
SO KUDOS must go to…
SWP Events (Sara Weisblum) with one phone call, a little less than a week to prep, a Zero-to-NO budget
was my fairy godmother of Decor.
One wave of her magic wand & a little help from her crafty mice..Levy Lighting
that gym….rivaled any princesses ball.
check out what the Jewish Press & the Wall Street Journal, said about her and all the other fantastic people helping to make this event so great
But the week before was insane as well…
I think BIG…so surreal, funny & seriously hectic all at the same time is what this event was for me…before, during & after.
when Mayim Bialiks PR person (the incredible Heather Weiss who was hired for this event as well)
tells Allison & I in all seriousness, to make a wish list of Jewish Celebs to invite…
well …what can I say? other than…
Yes I actually wrote a last minute email to Heather…
and I quote with all the gravitas that I sent it out to her…( because I am a believer!)
“wait we totally forgot Rob Reiner, Mandy Patakin & Steven Speilberg!!!”
so when I got a forwarded email from Adrian Brody & Woody Allen’s PR people saying
they regret that they could not attend due to other commitments…I was totally…
laughing in disbelief…they actually,maybe, by chance…CONSIDERED possibly coming :)
But All Stars were there a plenty…
and all of them bopping to the very cool DJ Jeff – (his coolest Gangaham Style Chanukah – rocked the house)
Dimitri Salita the Jewish Pro Boxer…his journey..I am in awe.
and can I be inappropriate and say…He is a way to cute to be in a boxing ring with people like Macho Chamacho. (February 9th people – get your tickets!!)
Those Maccabeat Boys/StandFour…in unity lighting the menorah & singing so beautifully.
and with a little help from my new friends….the Brooklyn Jazz Warriors (who topped of our evening with some of the best alternative Jazz playing I have heard)
our Michica Catered DELICIOUS…Latke, Donut & Royal Wine Bars
were enjoyed to the last DROP.
(and Michica…thank you for adding that salad bar literally hours before the party – when I called you in a panic…WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH FOOD…WE ARE SOLD OUT!!)
(you girls are a caterers…GO-TO caterer!!)
I can go on and on about the Ups & Downs I had in those days…
HOURS…leading up to the Party…
How sponsors like the incredibly generous FREEDA WIGS (you guys & your gorgeous wigs are very special kinda of people…THANK YOU)
NJ Senator Bob Singer, THE KOSHER SCENE & my good friend & Allison’s Stylist Guru,Sharon Langert Fashion-Isha, helped throughout to make this party possible…
to the disappointments of finding out the room was way smaller than we thought…& we were sold out!
the playbills were in Brooklyn & we were not! (LOL..we got them – thank you ESTHER NOVE – u rock!)
to the personal low realizing…
ALEX CLAIRE had to be in GA the night of the party instead of singing for us! (who does he think he is…a TOP 10 billboard star? LOL – he was so gracious fitting Allison in last minute as it was!)
Throwing a Party …I can honestly say…
is a tough job….
and it helps to have people (Sari Singer & Dorit Zev I must add you both in to this TEAM)
who are simply friends….
that hold your hand
and jump in head first…no questions asked or PAY given…
and make you LOOK GOOD!
But if I am handing out KUDOS…a thank you must go to…
Allison Josephs the wonderful, very patient Jew in the
(yes I have over 300 emails & thousands of calls to her in the last 3 weeks!)
had no idea what I had roped her into
when I “took” her up on the crazy idea of throwing her a party for her fantastic
Orthodox Jewish ALL Star Video…truth is,
I needed something to prove to myself (the last 2.5 years has made me doubt myself)
I have not lost my touch…. it has been a while since
I got to throw a party…of this kind.
and ….it was one HECK of a Shingdig!
if I can say so myself :)

Here are some of Pics of the Event courtesy of , Kosher Scene, Allaya Fleischer & Astrid Staiwariz WSJ)
also while I am thanking people …thank you to all the other media outlets, Jewish Week, NY Post, Haeertz, Algemier Times, and more for coming! And my very cool & supportive Foodie blogger friends go check them out as well!!! Dinner in Venice, Allaya Speaks Food, Busy in Brooklyn for coming!