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Creamy Vanilla Cheesecake {passover}

Just a little taste of some of the great recipes you will find in my co-authored #1 BEST SELLER kosher for Passover e-book 4 BLOGGERS DISH!      

A Veggie Chili Feast (in 30 Minutes or Less)

Happy May Monday! I figured I just have to jump right back into this blog thing… Happy Israel Independence Day! And nothing I like more than having a topic of “freedom” handed on… Read More

Shopping for Charity: Why Ohr Naava’s Brooklyn Market & Bash is A NY Pre Passover Must!

For those of you who are avid readers of my blog – you know I don’t mince words and I certainly don’t promote things unless I truly believe in them. So understand when… Read More

This Real Housewife of NJ’s …no lie, it’s that good! chocolate avocado cake

I was watching The Real Housewives of NJ Like I tend to do every Sunday night… (makes me feel like I am somewhat normal) I once again had this one simple recurring thought:… Read More

Potatoes & Peaches (my muse d’ salad)

if you have been reading my little blog for the last while you know what a truly devoted fan I am to the sweet & savory flavor combination. the other day though, I… Read More

5 Easy & Yummy Pesach Desserts

One thing that I am a fanatic about on Pesach is Dessert. It is that demanding sweet tooth I inherited! So I have compiled a list of my favorite Quick & Easy Desserts… Read More

Apple Pie Hamantasch…A Coconut Oil Recipe.

Happy Rosh Codesh Adar! yesterday I spent the whole day testing out Hamantasch recipes. my kitchen looks like Blizzard Nemo landed a direct hit…center stove. But…can I tell you a secret? I really… Read More

Grandpas, Martha & Saturday Night Drinks: blueberry smoothie

Shavuah Tov!! At grandmas house this weekend me & my Tunie B. having fun watching them see & truly enjoy my girly and all her crazy wonderful personality! There is nothing like grandparents… Read More

Need A Vacation?….Best BBQ Brisket Crockpot Recipe

  so I am desperate desperate for a few days  of pampering & relaxation a few days of just running away from reality of every day life  in cold rainy dreary jersey and… Read More

Tiramisu …so glad to see you! (2013)

  last year this time I was alone…wallowing wallowing in the despair that was… shock… about what my marriage had suddenly with out any warning become. but it has been…. as of a… Read More