Manicure Meltdown…. Essie Magnetic “Reptile” Polish


when you are a single mom
living on a single budget
bi weekly manicures…
are not always a priority (even though you think it should be for every mom!)
you compromise
you figure things out..
and you DIY it
like most things
come with your new single life…
manicures for me are a must
with the amount of time
I have my hands in dough, spices, and
dish washing soap…
it is the only thing that saves my hands..
scaring away small children!
also because
ratty finger nails
never make a good impression
as a single mom…
you never know who
you’re gonna meet

I was in target (talk about places a single mom on a budget MUST stay away from – one thing – becomes 5!)
and I saw this advertisement for what seemed like a very cool & easy way to do your nails.
Who doesn’t want a quick and easy way to change things up when it comes to your nails?
According to this ..all you have to do is hold a magnetized cap over your wet polish & viola…you get cool, funky, gorgeous nails…right?

In the market for a little pick me up
I decided to buy the polish despite it’s hefty $10.99 price tag.
I thought to myself…
if this works, it is way cheaper than my manicure & it exactly fits my mood of changing things up a little bit.
So I got home…and a few hours later took off my old gel polish and got to work on this new manicure idea.
Step 1:
Start with a clean bed of nails (yes I know mine are looking a little worse for wear – but that’s what you get when you where gel polish and have no patience to wait to take off the polish properly)

Step 2:
Polish your nails with 2 coats of your Essie Metallic Magnetized Polish (my color was rattle snake – I was feeling dangerous!)

Step 3:
While Polish is still wet – HOLD the Magnetic cap over the polish and viola… (ok so here is where everything goes wrong!)
First I was a bit confused…where is the magnet? – this black square on the side of the cap?
Also how close does it have to be? – I mistakenly touched my nail with the cap – and that just made me have to take the polish off and start again – because my nail was nothing but one big fat mess!


Finally after about 5 different trys – I got the hang of it and something started to happen.

(this was the messed up nail)


(After a few tries and fresh coats of polish before each time I used the magnet – this was the best that I could do for my nails!)

Needless to say…I took it all off – and ended up splurging today on a cool gel french manicure- just to relieve my tension from all work that it took to try and get this polish to work!


So my advice for all of you who want to try this Essie Metallic Magnetized Cap Polish – well DONT! – really not worth the time – & is way more of an effort that it should be.
Easier and cheaper at the end of the day – to go get a regular manicure!!

till next time folks…I am still tempted to try the at-home gel manicure set (Mally Cosmetics $165) – any one want to sponsor me? 😉