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Making life easier …in the kitchen {Ramen Noodle Soup – Tokyo Style}

easy & fearless my two words that will define 2014. everything I do these next 365 days of 2014, will be with those two words in mind. just wanted to say this out… Read More

Potatoes & Peaches (my muse d’ salad)

if you have been reading my little blog for the last while you know what a truly devoted fan I am to the sweet & savory flavor combination. the other day though, I… Read More

Dog & Bean Pie

is it ever ok to be selfish? these days I am finding myself in the dog house.. a self imposed time out… for not wanting to engage on any level with friends, family…etc.… Read More

Passover the….Onion Balsamic Chuck Eye Roast

Chefs, Home cooks, regular every day people seem to love Balsamic Vinegar for many… many years, I was simply NOT a fan. the smell alone could bring me to my knees. But, when… Read More

So be it…The Ultimate Pesach Brisket

So be it… the best laid plans are meant to never work out it seems… lost all my pictures that I took for the last 2 weeks while I was testing my Pesach… Read More

Looking for the Shortcut….NO Knead NO Rise Mustard Parsley Soda Bread

I am constantly… Looking for the shortcut yup that’s me these days… the shortcut to a fast & easy divorce (1 year & still NO get!) the shortcut to master the juggle of… Read More

I neeeeed an MTL APP!

  I neeeeed an MTL App! you know … a Moroccan Tolerance Level App… one that people can download to their iPhones for free.. Yesterday if I had such an APP many many… Read More

$20 Tuesdays – Mr. Broadway

you would think that it is Jan 1st and this would be a healthy eating post ha! I hate such resolutions they NEVER work… I truly believe moderation in everything… including eating is… Read More

Crockpot Wednesday….Beef Stew For the Soul!

I once went to a chiropractor who on arrival in her office as I laid face down on her table asked me… “so…how is your soul today?” huh? my soul? well as I… Read More

change…& Meat Sushi

change… change is good…right? I am not a fan of change never have been I like the familiar I like the comfort …in the knowing… but as the days go by and I… Read More