$20 Tuesdays – Mr. Broadway


you would think that it is
Jan 1st
and this would be
a healthy eating post
I hate such resolutions
they NEVER work…
I truly believe moderation
in everything…
including eating
is the way to go…
so eat less carbs or more GF or more vegan & less sugar
what ever floats your boat
but DO NOT think if you
change everything
life will be better…
its baby steps…
and long term goals we need to think about.
so next year
at this time
we can resolute
for something way more fun
…like taking a few hours off once a week
just to do what
makes you feel
what ever that may be.
For me..
My NYC tuesdays
have been just that
I go to work
and then I take
an hour
by myself….
and try a new place
to eat.
A few weeks ago it was Mr Broadway
I had been there many many years ago
and it was not anything really memorable.


my menu came with yummy sour & dill pickles in a mason jar and some truly awesome coleslaw

But wow this time…
it was fantastic.
I can not tell you
how much I loved this joint.
It was what a NY Deli should be.

it even came with my very own central casting “deli regulars” sitting next to me

minus the sushi …
which I did not try
but I have one pet peeve
why is a deli – who does deli right
have to have a sushi counter.
It is so over done
I wish…
we can go back to the days
where sushi was special
and not an everyday item
because now
most sushi counters…lackluster & ho hum.

I ordered the “appetizer size” spare ribs & home made onion rings – total bill before tax $17.25

but enough of my gripes..and back to a truly terrific Jewish Deli Experience.
The place is clean and comfortable
my waitress was super accommodating & the service was quick & efficient
they have managed to pull off a
casual old world vibe with a totally modern feel
The food is generously portioned
fresh, perfectly cooked & most importantly the meal I had was DELISH!!
lip smacking good – in fact.
the prices are reasonable and actually surprisingly cheap.
Fantastic location if you need a quick bite before or after a play
and manages to be kid friendly & date friendly at the same time.
as you can see – I am a huge fan!
Mr. Broadway…

Mr. Broadway Kosher
1372 Broadway, New York
(212) 921-2152
Tuesday hours 9:00 am–10:00 pm

note: I did not get paid to write this post -this is totally my unbiased personal experience.

till next NYC tuesday!!