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cravings…. roasted beets with feta & sugar snap peas

woke up yesterday with a craving for beets? no matter how much I rummaged nothing in my fridge or pantry was going to satisfy my body or quiet the tastebuds in my mouth… Read More

Back to the basics…best tomato sauce from scratch (using home grown tomatoes)

I decided to make tomato sauce from scratch. You would think with all the cooking that I do it is something that I have already accomplished in the kitchen. my “from scratch” tomato… Read More

New England Summer Roll

it’s only the 2nd week of July and already for some odd reason I have this weird panicky feeling … the summer is flying by. before I know it, the holidays will be… Read More

The Perfect Quiche Recipe (9 days)

I did name myself the Dairy Gourmet. a little narcissistic ….maybe… but, I am a curator of sorts…an expert taster and tester if you will.. when it comes to fantastic Dairy Kosher recipes.… Read More

Potatoes & Peaches (my muse d’ salad)

if you have been reading my little blog for the last while you know what a truly devoted fan I am to the sweet & savory flavor combination. the other day though, I… Read More

Dog & Bean Pie

is it ever ok to be selfish? these days I am finding myself in the dog house.. a self imposed time out… for not wanting to engage on any level with friends, family…etc.… Read More

A Niblet Fiesta….Mexican Corn

 thump. thump. thump. thumpity. thump….  can you hear that? I am all a twitter… the goose bumps running up my arm are not just from the cooler air as I enter the room.. it’s… Read More

the savory & sweet of it…..Watermelon Feta Salad

it’s been a month since I have written.. life has a way of tying up my writing time. the truth is … my heart feels encrusted by the saltiness of many disappointments and… Read More

Zucchini Ricotta Wonton Blintz w/ a Honey Vanilla Drizzle (Because I Can!)

time to lighten things up on this blog Because I can… and when I say lighten up.. I am soooo not talking about recipes for Shavout. It is the one time a year… Read More

Just Coconuts…dreaming of a Tropical Escape.

my life is coco – NUTS! there is really nothing I can say it never ends. when I think I have things under control conquered the hurdles & obstacles… another one pops up… Read More