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So you want to write a cookbook….

So you want to write a cookbook? Well, that was the sort of laughable question I asked 3 of my kosher food blogger friends a couple of months back. But ask it, I… Read More

I am Miami (in) Famous…

I ran the Miami Marathon this past Sunday. This is how it all went down. Thursday night before the marathon: arrived to airport late. Agent can’t find my name on the manifest. 20… Read More

Making life easier …in the kitchen {Ramen Noodle Soup – Tokyo Style}

easy & fearless my two words that will define 2014. everything I do these next 365 days of 2014, will be with those two words in mind. just wanted to say this out… Read More

2014 keeping it easy….My First Fireside Chat {super easy no rise – cinnamon chocolate & raisin sticky buns}

Happy Sunday All! We can’t stop time…as much as I might want to, 2014 is literally a few days away. To celebrate the upcoming new calendar year, I decided to change things up,… Read More

The Queen & IsolaBella ….A Pesach Plum Brule Tart

 This year I am fortunate enough to go to Israel for Pesach… but first I wanted to give Tunie B. a little taste of what I had growing up… some over seas TRAVEL… Read More

So be it…The Ultimate Pesach Brisket

So be it… the best laid plans are meant to never work out it seems… lost all my pictures that I took for the last 2 weeks while I was testing my Pesach… Read More

Smash…& a little “Extra”

So last June I was in a “divorce” haze induced mega slump… not sleeping as usual… I came across a FB post at midnight “Non-Union Extras needed ASAP tomorrow , Smash NBC shoot,… Read More

Dinner For One….Tapas Style

this single life takes some getting use to… but I have embraced it… head on. it was different when I was single & never married hard to explain… just different. now a single… Read More

This Patchke Princess in the City…threw one Shingdig of a Party! (phew)

it’s been a week…JITC Chanukah Video Launch Party. with the killings in Newton, CT it was not important in the scheme of things…to talk about the day or even days…after. But now direct… Read More

Worst Case Scenario CHECK LIST…the Frakenstorm is a coming!

if you know me you know I am a worst case scenario survivalist enthusiast! in everything I do I like to way all my options every single last one of them… no mater… Read More