So you want to write a cookbook….

final cover for amazon
So you want to write a cookbook?
Well, that was the sort of laughable question I asked 3 of my kosher food blogger friends a couple of months back. But ask it, I did.

You see, for the last year I have been pondering this crazy idea of doing something collaborative with a few of my favorite foodie friends. Never one to just talk about something – I am more of a doer, I finally decided one day it was time to just say it out loud.

What’s the crazy part? I wanted it to be done specifically for the ebook format – no traditional print version at all! It was uncharted territory for the Kosher cookbook world…and I was itching to be one of first to dive in and test the web waters.

It was as easy as that…have an idea, mention it to a few people, and then actually do it.
Well…almost as easy as that….

Getting Liz, Amy & Whitney on board was not an issue. They were as excited as me and even more enthusiastic of its potential than I could hope for. These chicks were game for anything…and I so love and appreciate them for that!

The logistics, developing, writing, photographing the recipes…was the easy part. Deciding which ones to put in, how many, what kind etc…all a collaborative endeavor that was done so smoothly, I would have never believed it, if I wasn’t actually a part of the team. Despite the fact, all 4 of us lived far from each other and never actually been even in the same room together, these decisions were done quickly and with little to no internal disputes. Regardless of my experience of already publishing 2 in print cookbooks, I didn’t know the first thing about publishing for eBooks. By rights, this thing should have been one big disaster of egos, personality clashes, and technical difficulties.  But with the help of Google chat, cookbook writer forums, tenacity and lots of trails with errors, those obstacles were tackled. It was the real miracle of finding kindred foodie souls who had your back no matter how crazy you sounded, that was the key in helping us all to create something, that I think is, really pretty great. So…

Finally! Our new eBook Cookbook is published! Check it out here!

This little labor of love has kept me trapped in a Passover bubble for the last few months…and I am happy to finally share it with all of you.cropped-picmonkey-collage1

There are so many people to thank for this book – but really I am most grateful for all the friends, family and blog fans who in the first day of us going live last week, made this book a #1 best seller on Amazon – it is an amazing thing! Thank you.

But what I love most about this cookbook, is the differences of taste and style that you get with having 4 very different kosher cooks in the kitchen. The diversity of dishes and ingredients, all Kosher for Passover, makes for great new menu ideas for a somewhat challenging holiday. It doesn’t matter how traditional or non traditional (gebrokts or non gebrokts) you are…we have a little something delicious for everyone in this book.

Some of you might ask why the eBook and not a print version? 1. Because with the age of online recipes on blogs, Facebook groups, recipe sites etc..we all have recipes we look at and file away in the back of our mind that we would love to try. But unless you are a diligent pinterester… 9 out of 10 times if you are like me, you don’t remember exactly where you saw that recipe and end up loosing it or forgetting about it entirely. We wanted to give you one central location, saved on your device, with easy access to those great recipes you might want to try this Passover.

2. Simply we also wanted everyone to be able to not have to think twice about spending a little money for new recipes – we do enough of that already for this expensive holiday! So for the price of a large Starbucks coffee we are able to give you a book filled with over 50 recipes that normally if printed traditionally would cost you 4 times the amount!

I also truly believe it is the wave of the future for cookbooks in general. And seriously, if you are thinking of publishing such a cookbook, I would be happy to share my knowledge (it’s all about paying it forward).

So, if you haven’t seen the book yet, please check us out on Amazon or visit our website at for some great sample recipes.

For all those Brooklyn fans out there – There is a great charity event for a very worth cause Ohr Navva has put together that will be on MARCH 23 & 24 (this weekend)! Go check out this fantastic Pre -Passover Brooklyn Market & Food Show hosted by the very funny Leah Foster! I hope to be there to see you all in person.