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The Purim Scrooge….& Savory Meat Hamantasch

I am the Purim Scrooge this year…. emotionally & financially it’s been a tough few weeks… every time I think I am finally getting a handle on this massive adjustment in my life..… Read More

keeping the faith…{Chinese chicken & broccoli lo mein}

I know every Christmas song, or at least the first line and entire chorus of every Christmas song. Don’t ask me how… I can only assume it is my, talent by osmosis, kicking… Read More

that mother… {cranberry almond chocolate biscotti}

“I am not going to LOVE you anymore!!!”,are the heart breaking words screeched on high, by my 4 year old yesterday. True, these words were said in defiant protest to my unwavering policy… Read More

getting it right…. General Tzo Chicken (from scratch)

there is not a day that goes by that I do not wonder…. What kind of a human my Tunie B is going to turn out to be? will she be emotionally ok….despite… Read More

New England Summer Roll

it’s only the 2nd week of July and already for some odd reason I have this weird panicky feeling … the summer is flying by. before I know it, the holidays will be… Read More

Pull Apart…Super Cheesy Garlic Parmesan Bread (Happy One Year Anniversary!)

  It has been a year a year since I started this blog  because I needed it’s therapy.. It has been a year filled with more lows than highs… a year of trying… Read More

Just Coconuts…dreaming of a Tropical Escape.

my life is coco – NUTS! there is really nothing I can say it never ends. when I think I have things under control conquered the hurdles & obstacles… another one pops up… Read More


  I am in chains… with every breath that I take… I want to fight my captives… but… inorder to be free… I have no choices left to me & need to give… Read More

answer: SABABA…..(Israeli Thai Salmon Stir Fry)

  Sababa… my new favorite word. for some reason this is the first time after countless times being in Israel… that I actually noticed this word being used….ALL THE TIME. it is the… Read More

Top 10 Kitchen Quirky ….. (Passover Sweet Potato Apple Fennel Onion Crumble Kugel)

Admittedly this year… my passover prep is minimal. It’s one of the perks of going away to family… especially when my sister is a good cook – & has my mother’s disease.. NO… Read More