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BEST EVER Honey Cookies & A Lesson in Patience

(Originally posted 9/24/12) A Lesson in Patience… sitting in JFK flight is delayed for about 2 hours now and… its 3:30 in the AM! technical difficulties says the “staff” … who sit and… Read More

extra crispy honey garlic chicken

Seriously…TGIF. I can’t even begin to describe how much I am looking forward to shelving this week and bringing it to a final end. There was something in the news about how this… Read More

keeping the faith…{Chinese chicken & broccoli lo mein}

I know every Christmas song, or at least the first line and entire chorus of every Christmas song. Don’t ask me how… I can only assume it is my, talent by osmosis, kicking… Read More

getting it right…. General Tzo Chicken (from scratch)

there is not a day that goes by that I do not wonder…. What kind of a human my Tunie B is going to turn out to be? will she be emotionally ok….despite… Read More

The Queen & IsolaBella ….A Pesach Plum Brule Tart

 This year I am fortunate enough to go to Israel for Pesach… but first I wanted to give Tunie B. a little taste of what I had growing up… some over seas TRAVEL… Read More

birthday wishes…& strawberry shortcakes

my Tunie B made me pancakes for breakfast & served them on Chanukah plates! Best Birthday morn ever! so yeah… Happy Birthday to me! I am the whopping age of….39 today! the other… Read More

Chicken Teriyaki Noodle Stir Fry (for the Absentee Mom) & Friday Favorites

it has been a week of crazy… I have been doing the hustle and grind of the NYC commute I have truly become an Absentee Mom! But a single moms gotta do what… Read More

I neeeeed an MTL APP!

  I neeeeed an MTL App! you know … a Moroccan Tolerance Level App… one that people can download to their iPhones for free.. Yesterday if I had such an APP many many… Read More

Melt in your Mouth …..Healthy Thursdays

LIFE is all about those melt in your mouth moments… where the pleasure of doing (eating, seeing, experiencing..) something simple or decadent when finally tasted is a pure delightful experience  that makes you… Read More

Worst Case Scenario CHECK LIST…the Frakenstorm is a coming!

if you know me you know I am a worst case scenario survivalist enthusiast! in everything I do I like to way all my options every single last one of them… no mater… Read More