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birthday wishes…& strawberry shortcakes

my Tunie B made me pancakes for breakfast & served them on Chanukah plates! Best Birthday morn ever! so yeah… Happy Birthday to me! I am the whopping age of….39 today! the other… Read More

A little bit Frost Broken….(& A Tu B’Shvat Treat)

I am a little bit frost broken no not a typo… but how I am feeling in this cold cold weather. I admittedly rolled my eyes discreetly at those who talked about seasonal… Read More

Last Minute Strawberry Dessert & Friday Faves

another week has flown by seriously…not sure what I did I just know… yesterday was monday & all of a sudden it’s Shabbat again? Last minute I decided gonna stay home and called… Read More

Chocolate + Peanut Butter + Oatmeal = Cookie LOVE

Welcome Home Me! For the last month I have been in lala land Otherwise known as Israel, Or more accurately in my case..h the land of many restaurants, my family, adventures with Tunie… Read More

BEST EVER Honey Cookies & A Lesson in Patience

A Lesson in Patience… sitting in JFK flight is delayed for about 2 hours now and… its 3:30 in the AM! technical difficulties says the “staff” … who sit and chatter and say… Read More

less bite…. & more Chocolate Pomegranate Bark

Can I admit something? I hate this time of year… the pre craziness that is before the Yom Tovim. I feel like I am never prepared not with the cooking…(that’s truly nothing in… Read More

home “alone” …& Friday Food Favorites (some great last minute Shabbat desserts!)

Home “alone”  ahhhh no kid for one day…. (sister from Israel has kidnapped her) what to do ? what to do? impromptu last minute idea. SPA day with my sister from another mother…… Read More