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Dinner For One….Tapas Style

this single life takes some getting use to… but I have embraced it… head on. it was different when I was single & never married hard to explain… just different. now a single… Read More

Melt in your Mouth …..Healthy Thursdays

LIFE is all about those melt in your mouth moments… where the pleasure of doing (eating, seeing, experiencing..) something simple or decadent when finally tasted is a pure delightful experience  that makes you… Read More

$20 Tuesdays – Mr. Broadway

you would think that it is Jan 1st and this would be a healthy eating post ha! I hate such resolutions they NEVER work… I truly believe moderation in everything… including eating is… Read More

personal…chicken pot pie

I don’t know what it is but I feel like a hamster running on the wheel… going no where. just running. It does not help that the world itself is so chaotic… the… Read More

Crockpot Wednesdays after NYC Tuesdays!

  My life has been thank g-d on the up track. I guess at one point you can only go so far down before eventually nature takes over and it’s up up you… Read More