….just right (road trip part 2…nantucket)

last week

I was goldilocks…

looking for an adventure…

sometimes you just need a change

of scenery

different people

different experiences

to make things in  your life feel

just right…

with the world.

and last week’s road trip

was not too big

not too small

despite the long traffic

and the torrential rain storms …

it was what I could only call

the perfect… vacation road trip

for me and my Tunie B.

it was ….simply

just right!


Here are some of my pics from the road…

IMG 4092

I know I am on the way to nantucket when I see this sign…cracks me up every time

1st stop Nantucket Island – you have to drive to Hyannis Port, MA (4.5 hrs -5 hrs from NY) and then take one of the ferries over to the Island – one of my favorite places on earth. Introduced to it by my Aunt Nadia who just happens to have a gorgeous summer home there…I have been lucky to spend a few summer days over the years visiting her and my cousins. For me it was love at first sight…if I could I would live there full time…its a place that just seems to make everything and everyone ….happy.

IMG 4099

the Hyline Ferry from Hyannis Port

IMG 4107

Tunie B. eating the packed lunch I brought on the 2 hr ferry ride  – enamored with everything about the boat.

IMG 4126

IMG 4110IMG 4111

Tunie B. not loving the smell of the seaweed  -she was cracking me up with her love/hate relationship with all things ocean. 

IMG 4128

Finally…the first gorgeous sight of Nantucket Island….

A Nantucket vacation is all about beach,bike riding, backyard dinners, and family relaxation! 

I was excited to introduce Tunie to it…and because my aunts house was full with all her married kids and new babies..I stayed at one of the B&B’s that are all over the Island. Because I booked last minute and the room was vacant – I got a great deal (thank you LYNN!!!) at this truly lovely newly remodeled Centerboard Inn. I would stay there happily every time I go – it was really just right! (and note if you go not in season – you can really enjoy the island at a very friendly low cost)

IMG 4132IMG 4133

My gorgeous room at the Centerboard Inn – just my style – the fresh clean quintessential Nantucket look – white, with pops of turquoise! LOVE!

IMG 4148IMG 4268IMG 4147

the yummy breakfast that is served at the B&B – a bowl of cheerios & milk for Tunie B. some fresh fruit & yogurt for me (LYNN – in the middle pic -accommodated me with plastic everything as I needed – truly the Best Inn Keeper I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!)

IMG 4238IMG 4249IMG 4247

My Aunt & Uncles truly cozy house on Nantucket – the locals all name their houses – coincidentally they named theirs JUST RIGHT!!! – and boy is it!

IMG 2398IMG 2393IMG 2396

more fun Nantucket houses that I loved photographing as I walked in the early morning hours with Tunie B.…I found one with a good yiddishe name and one with an interesting address… What would you name your house?

IMG 4166IMG 4163IMG 4158IMG 2410

beach day with all the Israeli cousins – Tunie B had a blast with one of the twins Micha  – she cried when she had to leave her!

IMG 4186IMG 4182IMG 4177

then it was a twilight Dinner at the house – pasta with marinara & cheese for the kids…and ceviche, My Aunt Nadia’s famous Caesar salad & extra pasta for the adults!

IMG 4192IMG 4189IMG 4259

IMG 4233

then it was home on the last possible ferry out of Nantucket at 10pm – but first a trip to the candy store for some last minute treats to take to Boston

IMG 4270IMG 4139IMG 4146

the candy store had some crazy things I had never seen (un-kosher :( ) candy pimento olives? A wall of celeb photos who visited the island (Katie Couric, Kathie Lee Gifford, Mit Romney & family)

My trip was so fantastic that I can not fit it all in one post …so tomorrow the best of Boston!

Here is the recipe for my cousin Yifat’s Ceviche (raw fish salad – think Sushi with out the rice or the seaweed):


IMG 4204

This is the perfect light refreshing summer meal if you are a raw fish fan (which I am!!) the key though is to get really fresh fish, which is abundant on Nantucket, and where locally you would need to go to your trusted fish monger for. The chili peppers add just the right amount of bite to the dish, and is perfectly paired with a delicious Caesar salad and a ice cold cup of red wine (that’s how I like my wine – don’t judge) :) 


1lb fresh tilapia or sea bass, diced

1 pint cherry red & yellow tomatoes

2 small chili peppers, deseeded and diced small

1/2 cup fresh chopped parsley

1/4 cup fresh chopped cilantro

1 large avocado, diced

Juice of 1 fresh lime 

juice of 1 fresh lemon

salt & pepper to taste


mix everything together in a large bowl and serve.

IMG 4195IMG 4210IMG 4203


IMG 4200IMG 4233