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cravings…. roasted beets with feta & sugar snap peas

woke up yesterday with a craving for beets? no matter how much I rummaged nothing in my fridge or pantry was going to satisfy my body or quiet the tastebuds in my mouth… Read More

Potatoes & Peaches (my muse d’ salad)

if you have been reading my little blog for the last while you know what a truly devoted fan I am to the sweet & savory flavor combination. the other day though, I… Read More

the savory & sweet of it…..Watermelon Feta Salad

it’s been a month since I have written.. life has a way of tying up my writing time. the truth is … my heart feels encrusted by the saltiness of many disappointments and… Read More

Just Coconuts…dreaming of a Tropical Escape.

my life is coco – NUTS! there is really nothing I can say it never ends. when I think I have things under control conquered the hurdles & obstacles… another one pops up… Read More

the root of it….

it’s time to get to the root of it… literally… today I woke up after a night of tossing & turning… and realized… for every two steps I feel like I am getting… Read More

keeping my cool…in the kitch

  man it is hot outside I love it better to be hot than cold but today…sorta ridiculous with the heat index 110 @8AM this morning I realized after the last week in the… Read More

Hikca -MOMMY!

Hikca -MOMMY! My Tunie B. gotta LOVE that kid. decided to potty train herself… yes you heard me.. decided that she had just about enough with that old diaper thing! It’s ONLY Hello… Read More