change…& Meat Sushi


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change is good…right?

I am not a fan of change

never have been

I like the familiar

I like the comfort …in the knowing…

but as the days go by

and I embrace my “single” life

change is here…

wether I like it or not.

it seems every day

there is some NEW change…

that I must embrace.

its hard…I can not lie

its scary…its lonely

but so far with each major life change …

we adapted…

and just maybe that saying

“its all for the best” is something I can take to heart now

I hope?

the other day I cried in my pillow

I watched my Tunie B. watch other kids.. playing with their father…

and I saw her craving…her loneliness…her questions..

where is my daddy? he used to do this with me?

run across her precious little face…

and then she put her head down for a moment

then looked at me…

and gave me a shy,  smirky, Tunie B smile…

with those crooked front teeth and half winking eyes…

as if she knew…

that this change… we are both working hard adapting to

kinda isn’t so fair ..for a 2 1/2  year old..

to us as a family…

but we have no choice…

this is life as we know it now

and the change is here…

and so Tunie B and me…

we have no choice – but to make the best of it

changing things up

the doing of it…it is the hardest step…

but once it is done and you learn to accept it…

life goes on…

and a new normal

is here.

one thing I know to be true though,

to survive any change

you need to bend with the flow…

and make your self strong from the inside out (I give myself daily pep talks – I am not kidding here)

and everyday… I see a change in me

I am taking each day and its changes

head on…and you know what?

Tunie B & Me  –that is one thing that will never change

life is pretty ok…. and we are good.

changes and all…



What’s for Dinner Tonight? meat sushi

Talk about change up… the other day before the fast I decided to play with the traditional fish & vegetable sushi roll – and make it with some meat. I had gotten the idea from eating at a restaurant earlier this year. I figured it was really the perfect dish for before the fast, especially if the rest of the meal was meaty, it had the carbs, protein and was light enough not to make you feel like you went into the fast overly stuffed.

I actually really liked this meat sushi so much, that I am thinking of making it for dinner tonight again. Surprisingly, Tunie B. also really loved it (she would not go near the fish one.) Made with everything you make traditional sushi with, except I substituted the fish with some cold cuts, like roast beef, pastrami, turkey and tounge. I used one of my favorite mustard dressings and some frenches onions for some crunch and a new changed such dish was born!

It is a terrific way to use up our shabbat cold cut leftovers, and a really fun project to get the older kids involved in, and have them make their own Sushi roll for dinner tonight! It also travels great!


IMG 3848 001

2 cups, cooked sushi rice (here is the recipe for sushi rice)

sea weed

your favorite cold cuts

your favorite vegetables sliced thin ( I used: avocado, pepper, carrot, cucumber)

French’s Fried Onions

favorite mustard dressing (I am a fan of ken steakhouse honey mustard dressing)


1. spread your rice onto your seaweed evenly

IMG 3850 001

2. Flip your roll rice down onto your mat

IMG 3851 001

IMG 3854 001

3. Fill the inside of your roll with the vegetables, onions, meat & dressing

IMG 3855 001

IMG 3856 001

4: Roll your seaweed together first by hand then with the mat, pressing the roll closed as you smooth the bamboo mat around the roll.

IMG 3857 001

IMG 3858 001

5: Slice off your ends first, then slice roll in half, then slice into small bite size pieces. Then serve & enjoy!

IMG 3861 001

IMG 3862 001