Need A Vacation?….Best BBQ Brisket Crockpot Recipe


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so I am desperate

desperate for a few days 

of pampering & relaxation

a few days of just running away

from reality of every day life 

in cold rainy dreary jersey

and feeling ….

taken care of.

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warm ocean breezes, fruity umbrella drinks, toes in the sand, oil scented massages, candle lit bath time…

close your eyes…can you just see it?

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But alas…

that cost money…

money I have to spend on groceries, rent, gas, bills…

and my vacation rainy day fund

is now a IN CASE OF EMERGENCY fund…

I am not complaining… BH things are better for me than for many others…

just dreaming …

dreaming of if I was able…

where would I run

and hide for a few days.

and pretend 


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BBQ Brisket TEXAS STYLE  One Pot Recipe

IMG 3203

Instead of a vacation, I am taking a vacation from cooking …sort of. I am making this crockpot recipe  – setting it & forgetting about it!!!

I sort of got this recipe from my trip to a kosher BBQ pop up restaurant last year. I asked one of the chefs if he would tell me his secret to great texas BBQ ?

With out hesitation he puled me in closer as if to tell me a secret and said two words….DR PEPPER!

And boy let me tell you…he was so right!. I ran home and took a combination of my favorite bbq rub and added the Dr. Pepper and my favorite hickory sauce let the brisket soak for a  2 hours in the fridge and then put it into the oven or crock pot for 5-6 hours and VIOLA  – the BEST DARN TEXAS STYLE BBQ BRISKET EVER!!

So finger licken good…that while your eating it, you totally forget where you are…and it’s all about the meat that melt-in-your-mouth.

Sounds like a vacation to me….


2-3lb Brisket (I also use this recipe on ribs, london broils & steaks)

1 large onion, julienned

1-2 tsp. of the following spices:


black pepper

smoked paprika

sweet paprika

garlic powder

ground mustard



ginger powder

2 cups Dr. Pepper

1 cup favorite Hickory Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce



Rinse your meat off well and lay it on a plastic cutting board.

IMG 3078

On a paper plate, add all your spices together and mix well. 

IMG 3084

Rub your spice mixture all over your brisket on every side. Finish up all the spices on the plate.

IMG 3092

Take your brisket and put it into a aluminum pan. Pour in the Dr. Pepper.

IMG 3101

Cover the tray and put it into the fridge for at least 1 hr – up to 3-4 hours.

Add your cut up onions to your one pot – or crockpot. 

IMG 3122

Remove the brisket from the aluminum tray and add on top of the onions. Then using the reserved Dr. Pepper in the brisket tray, add the BBQ sauce and mix together.

IMG 3134

Then pour the sauce over the meat, cover and cook for 5-6 hours on high in crockpot – or 3.5 hrs on 325F in oven.

IMG 3145

When meat is fully cooked, let rest in pot for 20 minutes, and then remove onto cutting board. 

Cut into pieces as desired or for a pulled sandwich – take 2 forks and separate your meat.

IMG 3150