the best of boston….and then some (road trip week continues with part 3)

IMG 4305

 Tunie B. & Hadassah (identical cousins…)


ba ba ba boston…

day 3 of my road trip

meet my sister and her crew

take the boys out for the day

what can I say

over the last 5 years

my trips there

were never for just “fun”

my adorable delightful more than HEALTHY (BH) niece


just had a check up

all was good…more than good…it was the BEST that Boston had to offer

that day.

I hope to never see Boston again…. (at least not for anything health related)



The truth is Boston has so much to offer a kosher family as far as travel, food and entertainment. It is a great destination spot if you are looking to take your kids somewhere fun, and educational. And if you are one of those families that MUST have 3 square kosher MEALS at your finger tips ( I can live on Pringles and m&m’s for at least 2 days)  and a minyan for every prayer – then Boston really is one of the few places that has it all for you.

I drove from Hyannis to Boston in 2.5 hrs and landed at my hotel next to the children’s hospital. Ideally this is not the place to stay, and you are better booking a hotel closer to all the attractions. I personally would recommend THE HOTEL COMMONWEALTH – I had a chance to look into it and not only visually did it look the same as in their pictures (a big thing), it came with rave reviews from a friend, and it is normally reasonably priced and the perfect location to all the attractions.

That being said there is a ton to do in Boston! I was with Tunie B. and my nephews who are 8 & 11 so, I had to do things that would be good and fun for both ages.

On this road trip, because I was running on fumes, we took it easy and spent the day at Boston Commons (their version of central park). There we spent the day frolicking int he Frog Pound, riding carousels and taking the swan paddle boat out for a quick ride.There is also great slides and swing parks, and is the perfect place to have a delicious picnic lunch.

We then hightailed it to Rubens, a very good old fashioned Deli-restaurant. If your in the mood for a decent steak or a great pastrami sandwich with a side of kishka – well you have got the place. The waitresses are all very pleasant to deal with, and they accommodated the 8 of us no problem. I recommend making yourself an early dinner reservation, because in season they get packed right away. They also have a very decent kids menu and I loved their chicken noodle soup. (if you want shabbat take out – these are your guys also)

I had to leave Boston because one of my Best Friends was marrying off her daughter and since I have loved this girl since she was a baby – I was NOT going to miss this wedding even if it took me 9 hours in torrential rainstorms and traffic to get back to lakewood to make the wedding (which I did – at 8:30PM – and 4 red bulls later)

But the best part is Tunie B. got to stay with her Aunti Mimi and Uncle David and Kids and Mommy got to have a great girls night & day the next day….that blog and what fun I had with a few girlfriends is tomorrows road trip week blog…so stay tuned -it is juicy!!!

Pics from the road: 

IMG 4274

 my nephews Eliezer & Ephraim chilling in the Pond

IMG 4278

 Tunie B. having a blast with her cousins!

IMG 4281

Walking to the carousel and swan boat…carousel does not let you on wet- so clothing had to come on (a note to remember)

IMG 4282

just like any city – their are a million starbucks in Boston – perfect for an afternoon treat – and a mommy much needed -caffeine break!

IMG 4287

Getting ready for the swan boats – Tunie B. not loving the idea…but then she had a pure blast ( the boat ride is $2 per kid over 2-12) $3 for adults!

IMG 4293

the swan boat!

IMG 4295

the balloon man in the park – who does not charge but works on tips – so of course I had to tip big – the pressure! LOL – but he was charming and the my nephew Ephraim loved him – and was fascinated but what this guy can make with Baloons in a mere matter of seconds.

IMG 4299

me embarrassing my BIG nephew Eliezer -who refused by any means to wear a balloon hat like the rest of us (tweens!)

IMG 4307IMG 4311

my delicious BBQ ribs at Rubens  – I was starving!

IMG 4314IMG 4317IMG 4320

me bugged eyes but WIDE awake arriving at the wedding, one of my oldest and dearest BFF Sara Nili Mendlowitz at her daughters wedding, and me and my gorgeous cousin Naomi! 

Here are some of my recommendations and places I have been over the last few years that I and my crew loved:

Places to go with your KIDS of all ages in Boston:

New England Aquarium – great for all ages and takes minimum 3-4 hours of your day

Red Sox Fenway Park – I have big baseball loving nephews and they are BIG TIME Yankee Fans -it was truly an experience to walk in with them wearing their Yankee Gear LOL – and Tunie is just thrilled with the big box of popcorn and all the screaming and jumping up.

Boston Children’s Museum – I loved this place and I am 38 – lots of fun interactive things for all ages to do – it also is one of the spots you can catch the duck tour from. Bring a packed lunch or dinner with you – they have a great little cafe spot for you to eat in, where they sell drinks, fruit & chips.

Duck Boat Tour – A lot of fun and is really an interesting tour 

Boston Commons – the Frog Pond turns into an ice skating ring in the winter

Prudential Center – great shopping and the best place to kill a rainy day if you need.

Take the Freedom Walk with a tour guide – this is very educational and personally I thought a lot of fun – my 8 year old nephew was kinda spooked when it came to walking in the grave yard – he just could not get over the fact that thier were dead people under his feet.

Boston Museum of Science – more for the older kids – but definitely fine and fun for the younger ones.

Franklin Park Zoo – one of the best zoos in the United States – great for kids all ages.

check out this site that I used for more fun places to go.

Where to EAT KOSHER in Boston:

These are the places I have eaten at – and can recommend. Please note there is a kosher pizza store an other eateries..but I found them not to my taste. For a list of kosher eateries and minyanim check out this site

Ruben’s  – (Meat) Located on Harvard street in Brookline, MA where most of the jewish stores and restaurants are on – it also has a great TJMaxx store across the street just FYI

Milk Street Cafe – (Dairy) Located near the aquarium – the perfect place to pick up decent dairy food – like salads and paninis. Not a huge fan of the cafeteria style food and serving, but as far as dairy food in Boston – the only place for a decent meal. If you want to take picnic lunches also the place to get them.

Taam China -(Meat) My sister and her family are HUGE fans of this store and its food. They can wipe off 3 plates of Beef on a stick in under 30 seconds. They are also open late and can accommodate a large table last minute. Has two locations – check out their website.