a little Israeli & a Happy KITSCHY Succah!

a little Israeli & a happy KITSCHY Succah!

Tunie B. my little Israeli
first thing off the plane…
got to her Savta’s (grandmothers) house
jumped on the couch in her self styled head to toe stripes
and wanted to know…
when she can go to Israel?
now Tunie B. is one lucky girl
been to Israel every year (sometimes twice) since she was 3 months old
I think she thinks it is one big restaurant
because from the moment we get off the plane
it’s an eating marathon
put a Yom Tov in the mix
and well…
it is really a tri-athalon.
nothing like being with family…
the good and the insane 😉
for some reason
things here in Israel just seem…
1. capable of being touched or felt; having real substance a tangible object
2. capable of being clearly grasped by the mind; substantial rather than imaginary tangible evidence

With experiences like these:
Yom Kippur…in the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem
the pure beauty of the chazan’s voice
in the most majestic of surroundings
the simpleness of every type of jew
sitting …reciting the same words in prayer
no differences…just the same hope for a good, healthy successful new year.
the streets quiet…
not a car in sight on the busiest street in Jerusalem
even the few bicycles & skateboarders
some how made it feel
as if the whole world
knew….today is Yom Kippur
To be here for a major holiday
is to experience Israel in whole different slew of ways
from the streets filled with Succas
to the sheer busy energy that you can literally taste
of everyone  – really everyone it seems
preparing for the Yom Tov to come.
Sure in Lakewood, my friends and neighbors are just a hustle and bustle
but here…different
from the local cab driver to the banks..
the ENTIRE country
is celebrating
and to experience a SIMCHAT HA -CHAG (the joy of the holiday)
with literally everyone who is surrounding you
what can I say
it makes me &  my Tunie B.
glad to be
a little Israeli….
Have A Happy Kitschy Succah!
I really wanted to post some great themes of Succots that were decorated
here in Israel. And as I got to my sister’s beautiful house in Ramat Bet Shemesh I was excited to see what she had done.
But this year…with the craziness of the holiday schedule.. it seems that my sister had the smartest and really the greatest “theme” idea of all.
GOOD OLD SCHOOL KITSCHY – and decorate the way we did when we were kids with every gaudy glittery succah decoration she could get her hands on!
Oh and let us not forget the MUST HAVE of fake fruit and trees!
I love a beautiful Succah and I am always impressed and envious of some of my friends who use their incredible talents to make some absolutely unique and creatively gorgeous ones.
 However, sometimes the pressure to have a “themed” Succah makes the hustle and bustle that is already a yom tov…all the more intense.
So, this year I envy my sister and her brilliance.. because not only did the kids get involved and enjoy the process…it was as simple as going to the store and having fun buying the most glittery of confections that the stores had to offer.
I love my sister …but I LOVE THIS Succah more…it’s simply… perfect.
(love her …even though she does NOT let me cook in her kitchen – can you BELIEVE THAT? so I am left to posting this pic of Miriam in her cooking finery…instead of something yummy I made 😉