friday food fashionsta….cake & couture!

IMG 2214

my Anna Wintour impersonation!

friday food fashionista

quirky fact people don’t really know about me…

I am a Fashionista at heart…

I LOVE clothes.

to look at me sometimes…

you would think…

hmmm? does that girl ever get out of the kitchen?

But underneath this apron, floured spattered black t-shirt

and long gypsy skirt…

I am a tres chic closet girly girl… with a fashion style all my own.

Clothes are just another creative outlet for me…

and on those occasions when I can

dress to impress…

I love to.

from high-heels to the latest fashion trend…

I like to try it all…(within modest guidelines of course)

and what I love most about fashion and all its accouterments ..

is the ability to dress how I WANT to FEEL…

even though sometimes….

I may not feel like the tres cool confident person….on the inside,

but with my sunglasses, my version of a killer outfit, and my game face…

you would never know.

Now if only food and fashion really went together…

but alas…. my love for food has killed my modeling career (LOL)

In a perfect world…I could eat my cake AND wear couture!

How much fun would that be? :)

Tunie b fashionista

my Tunie B….the true Fashionista of my house. (this is her regular state of dress -purse & all)

cake & couture…

Last night was the start of NY Fashion Week…Oh how I wish I had the chance to hit all the craziness and fun that is Fashion Night Out in the city – A few years ago I was at one of the first Fashion Night out events courtesy of my friend Effie, getting our complimentary manicure by Sally Hansen @ the Tracy Reese store, then we were off to Bloomies & Bergdorf for some shopping and mingling with all the pretty people – we had a blast. It was a great Girls Night Out.

But, as my Tunie B. lays besides me sleeping, as I see a friends instagram pics of all the festivities …I have no regrets that I did not go out tonight. A little envious of those of my friends who did…ok a lot envious…but I no longer have the luxury of just doing “my thing” at night anymore. And though it can be a little wary being the ONLY parent as a single mom…it is something I would not trade for..all the world.

So I am doing the next best thing….pairing my favorite FALL FASHION trends with great DESSERTS!

Who said you can’t have your cake & couture!!!!

#1: Fall Trends DO: color block, long maxi pleated skirt, light bottom dark top

        Fall Food DO: the Chocolate Vanilla Napoleon (click here for recipe link)

Fashion food 2


#2 Fall Trends DO: Baroque, metallic embellishment

   Fall Food DO: Baroque cookies with fondant and icing. (cookie recipe link)

Food fashion 4


#3 Fall Trends DO: Flowey shift dress, ombre patterns, jewel tone colors

   Fall Food DO: Fig & Almond Custard Tart (recipe link here)

Fashion food2


#3 Fall Trends DO:  Peplum sweater belted, light bottom skirt with dark to, midi length structured bubble skirt

   Fall Foods DO: dark chocolate cupcakes with coffee buttercream frosting (recipe link here)

Fashion food

#4 Fall Tend DO: same trends as above, winter white, grey & camel color pairing

    Fall Food DO: mini lemon meringue pies (recipe link here)

Fashion food 5

#5 Fall Trends DO: Jewel tone color combinations, embellished colors, purple & green color blocking with Burgandy (hottest new Jewel tone Color for the fall this year – the new black)

   Fall Food DO: cashew & blueberry topped cupcakes, vegan & GF (recipe link here)

Food fashion 3

#6 Fall Trend DO: neutral monotone colored gowns, flowy draping & pleating

   Fall Food DO: the classic French Apple Tart (perfect for Rosh Hashanah – recipe here)

Fashion food1