dip the apple in the honey……A Frozen Dessert Dream Giveaway

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dip the apple in the honey…


Love – NO…I  L-O-V-E – them!

and nothing makes me happier than a dessert

that I did NOT have to make.

I have known about Elegant Desserts Company 

for a long time now…

served their absolutely delicious frozen desserts

in my Tastebuds Cafe, when ever we threw a big party. ( they are truly the perfect delicious ending to any meal)

But I recently found out…

THEY DO RETAIL! (you MUST check out the web site!)

and how excited was I when I received this delicious frozen apple sorbet

to review right before Rosh Hashanah?

OK folks…

this is it.

the dessert that not only will your family love to have after a meal

but really it is the PERFECT gift to send to any one.

NO Flowers or Honey Cake for me this year…

I am sending these Frozen Apple Sorbets that not only come with a

really unbelievably good honey (I ate the sample one up to the very last drop licking my fingers clean – I was so surprised how awesome just that was!)

SO my friends,

I am expecting to be the GUEST of the YEAR this Rosh Hashanah!!  (these Apple Frozen Sorbets seal the deal)

Elegant Desserts can ship anywhere…

and it stays frozen!! (they use a fantastic dried ice method)

at a very  reasonable price ….

and for those of you who are like me…

love to cook…but desserts are a little bit of a chore…

they also have these adorable and very tasty

frozen SUSHI ice cream desserts…

I found them hysterically cute

and what a fun way to serve a dessert !!

A truly great way to spice up all those seemingly never ending YOM TOV MEALS…

Elegant Desserts…

You guys rock the KOSHER FROZEN DESSERT world!

thank you ..thank you… for letting me in on this

easy, simple YOM TOV DESSERT & GIFT idea!

Now ….I got to place my order ASAP – before everyone else reading this does!  :)


MY Favorite Jewish Holiday Elegant Desserts Kosher Products

Elegant Desserts are all certified PAREVE KOSHER under the CRC. All desserts can be delivered & shipped frozen Fed Ex in the USA.

Order TODAY by calling 718-388-1323 M-F 8am – 3pm and if you have any questions check out their website & Facebook page – someone is always available to help you!


Frozen Red Apple Sorbet: I really can not tell you how much I loved this  sorbet with the honey!

 IMG 4657 001IMG 4665 001


Frozen Ice Cream Sushi: They also carry these delicious green drizzle & chocolate drizzle that looks like the wasabi & soy sauce!

Sushi1 001





Frozen Fruit Sorbet: Coconut is my Coconut is my personal Favorite – but they a load of fruit varieties  watermelon, orange, peach, mango



Sorbet Cakes: they have some really great varieties – one better looking & tasting than then the next!

Strawberry truffle 988x658


Strawberry shortcake tower





…A Frozen Dessert Dream Giveaway!

The generous folks at Elegant Desserts are happily giving away 2 gift coupons for $25 each!!! – All you have to do to enter is comment on this page or Facebook page!

Let us know – What are you serving this Jewish Holiday Season for Dessert?

winners will be picked next week September 12th!

If you have any questions about placing an order – visit Elegant Desserts Facebook Page – you will get an immediate reply!