in case of emergency…

in case of emergency….

it’s funny how you can have

weeks where everything is just


but then oomph

you get hit

by things

and it makes you think…

am I living in the twilight zone?

filling out forms

for Tunie B. & myself

it seems with divorce…

its all about the forms

and that ominous  line

in case of emergency…..

that makes me feel every time i see it,  just…

well I lost my person

he is no longer

the rock – my go to safe haven

I can rely on

in case of emergency…

I don’t know how to fill that line now…

can I put ….CHOCOLATE?


Snack Obsession

OK – I take my nosh seriously. NO is said seriously – I do NOT believe every snack is created equal, and many of them are just not up to par in my humble opinion. So when I find something I L-O-V-E  it is my duty to mankind to share!!

Also there is nothing like a great snack to give you a little comfort when your feeling a little blue…

I decided to do a new feature on Patchke Princess & called snack obsession. Some of my favorite types of nosh that I LOVE is what I like to call “busy food” – things that take time to eat and keep my hands and mouth busy as I read the endless amount of material I have piled on my desk. Some of my past snack obsessions have been; artichokes with melted lemon butter, Garanim (sunflower seeds),wasabi nuts..the list is endless.

I do try to keep my snacks on the lower calorie and healthy end…I don’t always succeed but I believe in moderation in everything. So be forewarned…I will not be feeling guilty if I put something a little decadent on my list.

Today’s Nosh Obsession:

POPCorners Kettle Corn & Cheesy Jalapino flavored Popcorn Chip.

IMG 4570

A cross between popcorn and potato chip, this outrageously delicious snack is something that my cousin Chevy K. just introduced to me this past Monday. Since then, I have consumed an entire bag of the Kettle Corn Popcorners chip over the last 3 days. I have skipped lunch for 2 days  – in lieu of this, because all I wanted was this crazy combination of sweet & salty light chip in my mouth.

I bought the cheesy jalapino flavor this morning…one bite and I forgot all about the kettle corn. I don’t think I will be eating supper tonight – I have it that bad.