A Perfect Match….

This weekend was 6 years
6 years ago on friday…one of the happiest days of my life…
and it really was …
I thought I had found my perfect match.
memories of that day
the special moments, the happiness, the party
On that day…it was all true (at least for me)
and will always be with me…

But we all know how that “fairy tale” ended.
and life moves on…
however dreams can come true
lets talk about other kinds of perfect matches.

Like finding A Bone Marrow Match
if you are desperate for one.
So many people who are very ill
are just one PERFECT MATCH away
from being cured of their sickness.

Sadly, many of them never find that life-saving perfect match.
Like my facebook friends 3 year old daughter
Ayelet Galina – a precious & feisty neshama (soul) taken from us way to early.
despite her perfect marrow match
complications were to much.

But that did not stop her parents -the truly incredible prime ministers of Ayelet Nation
to do whatever they can –
their grief never a factor
just an endless dedication
to raise awareness…money…help so many…
making sure that other kids & adults
get a shot at life

Just one swab
can save a life
as easy as that…
with my swab yesterday
I hope I can find my perfect match…
this is one
will have a happy ending!

The Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation’s Marrow Match Gala will celebrate and raise funds for the Foundation’s goal to help people find their life-saving match by having 11,000 new bone marrow match kits processed and entered into the bone marrow registry

With the uncertainty of everything that has been happening…
every chance that a CHESED opportunity comes our way
I highly recommend we grab it!

Here are some of my Favorite Pics of the Evening – for more follow me on facebook & Instagram @sarahlasry

Host Jessica Abo NY1 news & Kelly Rutherford “Gossip Girl”

my good friend Sari SInger, and my new buddies Keven Brown (30 rock) & Shannon www.goluckyduck.com

the cupcake & mousse sweet table that my pastry partner in crime SArah Goldstien of the Bakers Dozen & I put together for that night in the VIP room

Me & the beautiful & generous hosts on the red carpet

600+ people supporting a fantastic cause @marrow match gala