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A Veggie Chili Feast (in 30 Minutes or Less)

Happy May Monday! I figured I just have to jump right back into this blog thing… Happy Israel Independence Day! And nothing I like more than having a topic of “freedom” handed on… Read More

answer: SABABA…..(Israeli Thai Salmon Stir Fry)

  Sababa… my new favorite word. for some reason this is the first time after countless times being in Israel… that I actually noticed this word being used….ALL THE TIME. it is the… Read More

Baby it’s Cold Outside…..

Tis the season… As they say & I am totally the GRINCH Because …baby it’s COLD outside & this Miami born chick Ain’t loving it …AT ALL! Maybe if I was on a… Read More

….just right (road trip part 2…nantucket)

last week I was goldilocks… looking for an adventure… sometimes you just need a change of scenery different people different experiences to make things in  your life feel just right… with the world.… Read More

Life is Meshi…but

Life is Meshi…but   another week another monday another moment to reflect on life …without. but a funny thing has happened I am no longer counting the days since ….everything went bad. instead…… Read More


You GNOCCHI! Ok so today I confronted my soon to be ex. don’t judge. I heard he was at my old house..getting it ready for the new owners. the idea of getting him… Read More

a little taste of Sunshine….

  a little taste of Sunshine…. This morning I woke up sun was streaming hot & glorious through my windows I was like the walrus on a rock (ok i know not the… Read More