middle aged ….& Simply Brilliant Friday Faves


middle aged….& simply brilliant fridayfaves


I am getting old.

or at least I am officially “middle aged”

the horror!

for the first time in ages…

out with friends to celebrate another friends joy.

Fun. Friends. Just a little Red Wine.

Kept my 1AM curfew.

So why do I feel like I have been hit by a large yellow school bus?

I was just 20 years old last week!

the reality is here

& it has come tragically down to this

early bird specials…if you please.


ps.. in the picture above I saw, HAPPY, PATIENT, ELEGANT & PEACEFUL…so if this what my middle age is going to be like…well I’ll TAKE IT!!!

How about you?

Shabbat Shalom :) Sarah

 simply brilliant friday faves

Because it seems I have hit middle age…I am now (and really have always) been looking for brilliant clever ideas that just makes life a little easier and sweeter.

Here are a few of my favorite things I discovered this week…and now are MUST HAVES for this old chic!


eat… coffee ice cubes

This is something really I have been doing on and off for years..but lately I have been consistently filling up my ice cube tray with coffee. It seems like I can never get enough caffeine.

The brilliance of this idea is simple. Your ice coffee is now no longer watered down and the taste is OH SO MUCH better. I also do this with soda for shabbos. I will fill ice cube trays of Fresca to add to my Fresca cup at the meal, this way when the “ice melts” its not watering down the flavor and compromising the taste. The possibilities are endless: chocolate cubes for milk or coffee, fruit juice cubes for water or seltzer…





create…perfectly layered cakes

I have been looking for something like this for absolutely ages!!! I can not tell you how frustrating it is to make a gorgeous yummy cake, and then trying to slice it for layers and killing the whole thing in the process. I must have failed cutting in nursery! But I found this terrific cake pan on the website www.opensky.com  - you need to sign up to gain access, but after you do, you can then buy this baby for only $45! Which personally I think is worth it..after all the cakes I wasted in the last years..money well spent.

(and no I am not getting paid for this endorsement)



wear…Lamer moisturizing cream

Nothing says middle aged, more than the wrinkles I am starting to see in my face..old age maybe? stress definitely! But this year for my 38th birthday, I decided that I am going to treat myself to a present that will give back. I had read and heard about this Lamer miracle cream..all the celebrities and some of my friends SWEAR by this super expensive moisturizer.

So I splurged and bout a 1oz bottle for $140..fiscally irresponsible yes, best decision I ever made..u betchya! This stuff works..but I use it sparingly. I have definitely seen a difference in this aging face of mine.

buy it here