Karma is a cookin…

Karma is a cooking….

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Ok so I edited this post
If you missed the original one
Well ...
For those of you who didn't
Well...you know why

Thanks too a good friends phone call
I realized.... What for?
It doesn't make me look good ....even if I am 1000% right!

For those Confused - basically I was happy about someone else's misfortune - that someone else being a person who wronged me (not my ex bytw)

So here is the rest of the post - unedited......

I am not evil


that yesterday…I was so busy with a party

yet still  out of no where…my thoughts went to what happened several years ago

between us

pain is funny like that

it hits you…when you least expect it

and it hurts still….even after moving on and excepting the blow.

could it be "karma"?

is this Hashems (g-d) way of making his point yet again

that wether I am aware of it

or not

he rules the world…and sees all?

and one day….

we all have to answer for our actions ( me included).

amazingly…things like this happen to me CONSTANTLY.

I think about a person or event that I haven't thought of

for ages...

and then the next day or even hour

they appear ...or I hear something about them…

weird…I know

but … ( i will stop while I am ahead...)

this all being said

karma works both ways



mine was all good

doing what I love best

cooking in the kitchen for a big event

So much fun...

SO SO much hard work...

for 24 hours I was glued to my stove...

that I can honestly say...

there were several times I wondered

if I lost my mind ….to accept this job

no longer having my " tastebuds staff" to help me!

But all worked out deliciously!

karma is a cookin...

and I will take days like yesterday

any day of the week!


Just a little taste of what I made yesterday for dessert:

Strawberry Shortcake plates

IMG 3470

For the cookies:


1 package of favorite brand butter cookies (or you can make your own  – my recipe here)

  • 1  cups confectioners’ sugar (more if needed)
  • 1 lb cream cheese, softened at room temperature
  • 2 tbsp. Strawberry Syrup


In a standing mixer fitted with a whisk, mix together sugar and cream cheese. Mix on low speed until well blended and then increase speed to medium and beat for another 3 minutes.

Add syrup and continue to beat on medium speed for 1 minute more, adding more sugar if needed for spreading consistency.

Lay out half your cookies on a cookie sheet and pipe on a dollop of the cream cheese frosting to the center. Then cover all the cookies with remaining cookies creating your sandwiches.

For the Orange Liqour infused Whipping cream:


2 carton of Frozen Whip Cream Topping ( I use Riches whip – brands like Hadar or Leiber are double the size so you will only need 1 carton)

3 tbsp. Orange liquor or your favorite kind

1 tsp. cream of tarter


In a standing mixer whip your cream and liquor on high speed for several minutes. Add the cream of tarter and continue to whip till you get stiff white peaks.

Pipe onto plate and garnish with a fresh slice of strawberry

here are some more pics of the dessert buffet – I will try to post as many recipes as I can on kosher street.com in the next week – I made from scratch -Coconut and Lemon pudding cups, Chocolate Kaluha Mousse Cream Pies, Carrot cupcakes, Red Velvet Cream Cup Cakes, Chocolate Chocolate Cream Cup Cakes & Cheesecake

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