Just Say Yes…..Hemp Cereal

Diffrent Strokes star Gary Coleman dies 1

I am the typical child of the 80’s

where somewhere around the 4th or 5th grade

I was brainwashed by the ongoing propaganda in my elementary Jewish day school classroom & on TV.

Seared into the deep recesses of my mind are the distinct images of

the then, 1st lady Nancy Reagan, in her signature red skirt suit with it’s floppy black chic neck bow,

her hair perfectly coifed in its gravity defying feathered helmet

looming tall and serious as she stood side by side with

everyones favorite adult child Arnold Jackson (Different Strokes) all wide eyed and “what you talking about?” puckered lips.

Both larger than life figures,  staring intently into my then, innocent 7 year old eyes,

the tv screen, no barrier for their foreboding message of wisdom…

pleading with me… to “Just Say NO to Drugs!

I simply can not articulate, how truly effective and impressionable,  that PSA campaign was to my life.

In College… in adult hood… I have stayed stoically true to Mrs. Reagan & her side kick

& have had actual occasions in my life, where their mantra has carried me through…. (yup – I am most often the designated driver)

I admit though now, I have fallen off the wagon…


and have taken up the daily ritual of consuming my drug of choice,

one happy spoonful at a time…

Raw HEMP (otherwise known as Marijuana  or weed – depending on who you hang out with)…

Sorry Mrs. Reagan….but the time has finally come for this goody two shoes to

Just Say YES!

What are Raw Hemp Seeds?


OK people, I have not totally lost my marbles…

I was introduced to Raw Hemp Seeds by my friend Rivky Eisenberg, who had found a large bag for sale, $15 at our local Costco. An extraordinary baker, Rivky had just read an article using the hemp seeds in a cookie recipe and with no hesitation,  took the leap, and purchased the product.

Hysterically, my sheltered and loving close friend Rivky, had no clue that HEMP was the official technical term for Marijuana, and was quite surprised when her kids informed her of its “other” meaning.

Coincidently, that same week I was Rivky’s guest for shabbat, and my inner foodie was giddily intrigued by those poppy like green seeds. With spoon in hand, I dove into the enormous bag of her Costco contraband, tasting and re-tasting those delightfully creamy   textured sunflower seed & pine nutty earthy flavored itty bitty bits – all in the name of Food Science,  of course.

You see, there is a back story to my Hemp obsession.

A few years ago, I had gone for a massage at one of these high end spas. Having been there before, I was surprised that this time my masseuse offered me a spoonful of her homemade concoction to help with my detoxing experience. After checking and ensuring the ingredients were all natural, I carefully ate my offered bite.

During  those 20 seconds that it took for me to chew and swallow, I had a tastebuds experience that blew my palette. The sweet and savory, nut and honey, combination of the hemp seeds, yogi berries and honey that made up her concoction was something that has never left my brain. It was also the first time, I had ever known that HEMP, was an edible product, that was actually – good for you.

For all the Healthy Details & Benefits Read Here. There are many – and surprisingly one of them is weight loss – no munchies!!

Immediately after that massage, I tried to track down hemp seeds and the berries – but to no avail locally….until that fateful day Rivky E. went to Costco.

Now my obsession knows no bounds – and every morning my breakfast of food champions, is this Hemp Cereal I created. Where the addition of cold milk, is the perfect refreshingly cold taste to the slightly sweet and crunchy robust flavor of my raw hemp combination.

One bowl of this in the morning curbs my hunger till my usually late lunch, and I get all the benefits of its high protein and vitamin content. With the fast coming tomorrow, I am going to have this as my last meal, hoping it will keep me going through the very long day.

Next up with the Raw Hemp – Happy Healthy Nutty Hemp Fudge Brownie Cookies!  – Yes I have truly fallen Mrs. Reagan.

IMG 8837

Hemp Cereal


4 tbsp. raw hemp seeds

2 tsp. honey

2 tbsp. craisns

1/4 cup Milk


In your cereal bowl, mix together the hemp, honey and craisins. Add milk and enjoy!

IMG 8830IMG 8831IMG 8832IMG 8835